Catspurry Cat Hotel Phuket: Term & Condition

Catspurry Cat Hotel Phuket: Term & Condition

Catspurry Cat Hotel, Term and Condition

Catspurry Cat Hotel welcomes cats of all breeds. To ensure the safety and well being of your cats, Catspurry Cat Hotel would like cat owners to cooperate and comply to our conditions of boarding.

Check In and Check Out:

Check in time is 14:00 hrs. and check out is 12:00 hrs.

If room is not ready during check in, cats can wait on standby in our playground zones.

Late check out time is flexible depending on availability of rooms.  Cats can wait in our playground zones to be collected.

Extension of boarding will be dependent on availability of rooms.

Deposit & Days Charged:- 

Due to problems with no shows and last minute cancellations, we now require a deposit payable at time of booking for each animal. Outstanding balance will be paid on arrival. 

Room charge will be charged in Thai Bath.

Payment method: we accept cash, bank transfer (Thai only)

Noted: Cat boarding rates are charged on a calendar day basis. Your cat’s suite will be available from 14:00 hrs on arrival date and until 12:00 hrs on departure date. Any cat not collected on departure date will be subject to one extra day’s boarding.

We reserve the right to revise our prices when necessary.  All prices quoted will be at the rate prevailing at time of booking.  All prices charged will be at the rate prevailing at time of boarding.


If cats are not collected within 7 days of the check out date on which it is due to leave the hotel, and no communication is received from the owner, Catspurry Cat Hotel has the right to re-locate them under the Violation of Pet Protection Act Section 23 punishable by law:  Any charges incurred by the owner pursuant to this agreement must be paid before the animal leaves Catspurry Cat Hotel.

Health and Hygiene:-  

For the health and wellbeing of all our cats, the following terms will apply on arrival as a condition of residence.

1. All cats must be fully vaccinated and an updated photo copy of vaccination booklet presented when booking in.

2. All cats must be given flea prevention drops and deworming regularly or treated at least 2 days before arrival. **In case of regularly treated please inform the lated date of treated.

3. All cats must be in good health and free from all transmissible diseases.

4. Only Home/House Bound Cats are welcome.

5. Cat owners must trim cats’ claws before arrival.


The cat owners will provide the Cat Hotel with information details of their cats including any special needs, vets details, medication and dietary requirements.

The owner agree to pay all costs and charges for special services requested and any veterinary costs for the cat during the time the animal is in Cat Hotel’s care.  In the event of serious illness and where the owner cannot be readily contacted, the Cat Hotel will care for and provide immediate treatment at the nearest animal hospital at the expense of the owner.

The Hotel does not take responsibility for sickness / death cats during their stay as all cats undergo health screening

Cat owners are to provide food, cat litter and other necessities that is required for their cat’s boarding at the Cat Hotel.

The cat hotel will provide cat bowls  and litter box, in all room have socket for cat fountain.

Cat Hotel will send photos and video clips  to cat owners during it’s stay.  Video calls can be arranged by appointment only.

Cat owners agrees to be solely responsible for any and all acts or behavior of the animal while in the Cat Hotel’s care. And hereby keep the Cat Hotel indemnified to the full extent permitted by law for any action of the cats which apart from this indemnity may have created any liability on the Cat Hotel.

The cat owner specifically represents that he or she is the sole owner of the cat, free and clear of all liens and encumbrances.  


Under no circumstances will the Cat Hotel owner or its employees be held responsible for injury, death, loss or damage of any kind whatsoever that may occur to any cat while in the control of the Cat Hotel.

The Cat Hotel reserves the right to refuse entry of any animal without being required to give explanation.

By proceeding to board your cat, the cat owner acknowledges their acceptance of the Conditions of Boarding and certifies to the accuracy of all information given about the cats by signing below.

This document issued on date 01 December 2022 

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